Is it true that Alicorp is leaving Peru?

No. Alicorp is a 100% Peruvian company that has been committed to growing in our country for 65 years. It is not within the company's plans to move its main offices outside of Peru. The 6,500 Alicorp employees in the country continue to be committed and working to feed a better tomorrow for more Peruvian families.

If it is an international problem, has this affected other countries?

Yes. In many countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia, there is also an increase in retail prices due to the accumulated rise in international prices of raw materials, which is an international, macroeconomic issue that affects many countries, companies and products, not just Alicorp.

What has the company based on to increase prices?

Due to the fact that a series of factors and increases are taking place, at a national and international level, on several important fronts that impact the prices of some of our products. As for raw materials, which are imported inputs to produce food, in the last 14 months, the price of soybean oil has increased by 106%, wheat by 82% and corn by 60%. This not only impacts the products that we import, but has also generated an increase in the costs of the entire production chain. In addition to international factors, we must add local factors that also impact prices, such as the high devaluation of the sol versus the dollar.

Is Alicorp a monopoly?

Alicorp is not a monopoly. The Peruvian economy is open and any company can produce locally or import a product. There are at least 52 brands in the Peruvian market that are not ours. (Source: El Comercio 8/September/2021)