Alicorp Commitment

Controlling the impact on the prices of raw materials and other production costs is impossible, however, we understand the needs of our consumers and make decisions to support Peruvian families. Supporting Peruvian families has always been in Alicorp's DNA and an example of this is that, Brands by your side, is one more proposal that adds to the many others that we already have underway and that aspire to encourage us all to get ahead in these difficult times .

Helps those who help

A program in which we donate S/ 15 million in food and cleaning products for vulnerable populations, health personnel and police.

Day by Day

A space focused on promoting the growth of more than 2,000 wineries through technology.

We Grow Together Program

Initiative to provide support for the economic reactivation of more than 25 thousand businesses nationwide.


A digital ecosystem of comprehensive technological services that supports more than 20,000 SMEs.

Marcas a tu lado