About the initiative

In a context in which raw materials and other international costs are on the rise generating a global rise in prices, the economies of many Peruvian households have been affected. Brands by your side is a proposal that arises from understanding these needs and seeks to facilitate their access to 14 high quality products at cheaper prices and therefore affordable.

At Alicrop, we have prioritized the production of these 14 products in order to facilitate their supply. In addition, we have strengthened distribution channels and communication at the point of sale nationwide, so that more Peruvian families can find them where they usually shop.

In addition to this, knowing that it is impossible for a company to control the impact on the prices of raw materials and other production costs, we commit ourselves through

Brands by your side to deploy a strategy that allows, as far as possible, to avoid further increases in the prices at which we offer these 14 products to the different sales channels.

We hope that the other participants in the distribution chain, which are those that directly serve consumers, will join this initiative.

This is our way of telling all Peruvian homes that they are our priority.

Brands by your side It is possible thanks to the commitment of the 6,500 families that make up Alicorp Peru and who always accompany us in our purpose of feeding a better tomorrow for Peruvian homes.



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